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Why Should You Perform Internationalization Checks Before Localizing Your Mobile App?

The world’s population is continually growing, with approximately 7.8 billion people currently on the planet. According to, by 2026, more than 7.5 billion people will own smartphones, up from 6.6 billion in 2022. The rapid technical progress of nations like China, Brazil, and India together with the exponential expansion of the population and number […]

How Transcreation Can Help In Video Localization?

In today’s expanding global society, more than 55% of internet customers believe that obtaining information in their native tongue is more crucial than the price they are paying. 75% of the worldwide population does not speak English. Thus, we can say that most successful global businesses, whether they’re media companies, education providers, consumer brands, or […]

AI is the New Horizon of Localization Industry

The translation and localization industry is witnessing a significant transformation. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are mostly to credit. The type of localised content that today’s best translation management systems can provide is vastly unique from what was previously conceivable. Translation in AI and AI localization were intended to work collaboratively. Artificial intelligence is […]

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