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eLearning localization refers to the process of holistic adaptation of the training material of an organisation to suit the cultural expectations of a region. The ambit of eLearning localization extends beyond just text or audio translation. It incorporates efforts to work on the overall tonality and imagery of the material to make it more comprehensible and adaptable for the target audience. This includes a total overhauling of the formatting, written material and other aspects that facilitate the user experience. 

If one is to understand the scope of this segment in a nutshell – the global eLearning industry will cross 300 billion dollars by 2025. Therefore, there is an augmented need to make it more accessible to people for all segments, cultures, nationalities and ethnicities. 

E-Learning Localization Services Audio Bridge

There are many benefits of eLearning localization

Some of them are as follows:

  • When we deliver information to someone in a manner and language that matches their expectation, we are able to increase the learner’s information retention. This will directly translate into better understanding of concepts and increased productivity.
  • When we localise the learning content, it can play a significant role in enhancing your organisation’s chances to expand because the essence of your training will resonate with the people of various backgrounds and bolster effective information dissipation.
  • Employees are always looking for ways to polish their skill set. If an organisation makes it possible for them to assess the learning material in the language and tone of their choice, employees will feel satisfied and the attrition rate will be reduced.
  • eLearning localization is the perfect example to proceed with a localised mindset to achieve global success. When you gather information through various methods to devise the perfect strategy for localization, you are basically opening yourself to the diversities of the world.

At Audio Bridge, we believe that the eLearning material should be versatile and flexible enough to incorporate various changes and to make it more accessible and shareable.
We have a team of dedicated professionals to enable your organisation to create global content.

Conquer different markets with us.

“I worked with Audio Bridge on a couple of Indian languages. They are great guys to work with, very responsive and patient.” Jeanette Zhou (Williams Lea Tag Worldwide)

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