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How localization can convert your Name into a Brand?

Localization is critical to your company’s success. Indeed, it has the power to elevate your company’s identity and name to the status of a full-fledged brand. A “brand” name that is designed for localization will connect your services/products to people in a specific location. However, as marketers, we understand that a brand is much more than just a label. A brand is a combination of authenticity, voice, and ethos.

Need of Localization

People tend to interact with a brand name that is familiar and relatable to them in terms of language. Such brand names are more obvious and feel more genuine. This, in turn, aids in the development of trust towards your brand.

Ties your Company Name with the Audience
Localization is so much more than just a marketing strategy. It is a link between your company’s name and your target audience. Localization is a means for you to express to your audience that your brand cares about them. Customers automatically incline towards your brand in listening to what it wants to convey if it is localised. Consequently, the audience becomes more receptive. Your conversion rates may also improve.

Better Brand Identification
Localization “personifies” a brand. Furthermore, this allows it to connect more deeply with its target market. By incorporating culture into their brand name and active storytelling, certain brands become an extension or expression of culture in particular markets.

Localization Boosts Brand Credibility
Localization promotes and preserves brand integrity. It does so by checking for different interpretations in names and slogans. Consequently, it recommends brand-safe replacements. A translation company providing Transcreation service helps in proper brand localization. They make use of artificial intelligence and data to examine the subliminal messages sent by specific colour combinations, symbols, and visuals in your company name. They are well aware of different lingual norms. What may be acceptable in one market may be objectionable in the other.

Localization Is the Secret to Unlocking Brand Relevance and Recognition

In the marketing world, the term “localization” is a catchphrase. It basically refers to the practise of adapting a brand or product to a new market. It’s a phrase that can relate to a wide range of tactics and procedures. Localisation can be defined as any method you employ to make your transition into a new market easier. This could be as basic as translating your website material or as difficult as redesigning an entire advertising strategy to be more culturally relevant. Transcreation and transcribing text into a different alphabet are two further steps involved in localisation. It’s critical to engage with a language translation services provider that can give you high-end language quality, in-depth brand creation, Transcreation service, and scalability. Undoubtedly the most crucial part of a company’s localization plan is whether or not the brand name of its product or service will migrate effortlessly into another culture. Brand aversion and low success rates might result from failing to modify your brand to align with your target market’s normal notions.

Adds the “Empathy” Factor in Brand Name
Compassion lies at the heart of localization. A company name that radiates empathy, immediately adds up an emotional dimension to the brand. Your audience will have a good emotional response to such a name. It conveys the required meaning without expressing anything unpleasant. Thereupon, it aids in the differentiation of your brand from that of peers. Localization not only supports the transformation of your company’s name into a brand. In fact, it takes things a step further by establishing a stronger brand identity. Additionally, it promotes brand recall. Finally, a translation agency can carry out the process of localization effortlessly and get your company name into the eyes of the general public.

The Handbook: Localization Strategies for Multilingual Brand Creation

Translating and localising an ad campaign is one thing. But what about the name of your company? There isn’t a single right solution. First, make sure your name doesn’t already exist in the target language of the market. If it does, research on how that word is pronounced. Furthermore, find out what connotations it carries in the market. You might get fortunate and discover that your company name’s meanings exactly coincide with your brand, in which case you can stick with your original name. However, you may discover that your company name has a negative connotation, in which case you should replace it. If your target market employs a different script, you’ll want to think about how it would affect your brand. Remember that a brand is far more than just a name. If you decide to extend your business into a new market, make sure to examine all parts of your brand and consider how you may tweak it to better accommodate the particular market.

Leverage Creative Translation Service Providers
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has progressed significantly. The AI technologies have become an integral part of translation and localization efforts. There are now AI translation software that can instantly translate content, graphics and audio. However, you should not base your localization approach entirely on these translation tools. They’ll never be as good as a professional and best translation agency.  Specialised translation services make you capable enough to properly engage with your audience in a non-native speaking demography. These experts are familiar with regularly used local catchphrases that can be put into your company’s name to make it a more appealing brand to your target market.

Cultural Research is Paramount
Backing your company’s name with sufficient cultural fundamentals will pave the path for it to become a recognizable brand. However, many believe that the most important component of naming your company is the language. Cultural localization, on the other hand, is as significant. Determining what attributes are valued by the culture of the target market in concern is what cultural analysis entails. Is there any wordplay that you could adapt to your company’s name? Is there an artifact, figure, or a numeral that is seen as fortunate? Considering these aspects can aid in the development of a name that will appeal to consumers in the target market. Further, this helps in the transformation of your company name into a brand. Similarly, it’s critical to learn which features that a society can reject. Certainly, do consider which elements may be undesirable. When preparing a company name for localization, not only cultural appropriateness but also the phonetics and writing of the name must be taken into account. It’s crucial to realise that a company name is inextricably linked to its brand image. Assess how you want your firm to be perceived in other markets. Take cultural and linguistic factors into account when naming your company to increase the company’s success.

What Next? Increase Brand Loyalty with Localization

The following phase is to gain your target audience’s trust once your company name has successfully imprinted a brand image in their minds. If you give your customers a positive user experience, you’ll begin to earn their trust. Consequently, this is necessary for brand loyalty and long-term influence.

Tailoring your business’s content according to your users in their native language will lend you a helping hand. In fact, AI translation and localization services delivered by a translation company will make this task easy.

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We make this belief a reality by putting clients first, leading with exceptional ideas, doing the right thing, and giving back.

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