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How Transcreation Can Help In Video Localization?

In today’s expanding global society, more than 55% of internet customers believe that obtaining information in their native tongue is more crucial than the price they are paying. 75% of the worldwide population does not speak English. Thus, we can say that most successful global businesses, whether they’re media companies, education providers, consumer brands, or B2B tech firms, have adopted a content and Multimedia Localization strategy to expand into new markets around the world.

Localization includes more than just translations. It’s primarily the process of making your communication and material more relevant to the target demographic audience. And, one of the ways you can do it is to change the language of your content and make use of Translation Services. You can make your content better than the rest by considering the Transcreation services.

About transcreation

For the past six years, Transcreation has been a trend in the voice-over and video translation businesses. It follows the ideals of localization by promising the basics of a product made exclusively for a local audience. However, it is not the same when it comes to video Localization as it includes many translation alternatives for video content.

Why Transcreation

In transcreation, you expect the Language Translation Service provider to reinterpret the message. It ensures that the new language version contains the appropriate cultural references, jokes, and other elements. Thus, you replicate the original’s impact without changing the content.

The phrase “without changing the content” captures the difference between transcreation and translation. The goal is to faithfully reproduce the original text. While distinguishing itself from localization, it strives to consider translations in their entirety while still trying to accurately express the text’s meaning.

All in all, transcreation is creating content from scratch for a given location to achieve a comparable effect or result as the original. Increased revenue or audience engagement is frequently the expected outcome.

In The Context of Video Localization, What Really is Transcreation?

For most types of video localization, the difference between localization and transcreation does not seem to remain clear. For instance, subtitling appears to be a pure form of Translation as the original video content remains intact with a simple overlay of translations. But subtitle content is frequently rewritten for localization.

With voice-over dubbing software, it’s much more difficult to establish this line. Even when you have to trim the audio to fit the context, the most translated off-screen narration is accurate to the original text. This is essential for corporate and e-learning films.

On the other hand, off-screen voice-over can frequently be rewritten for location and occasionally with significant modifications. Similarly, foreign-language videos are frequently re-edited to accommodate differing timings and fit the cultural context.

What if it includes a reshoot with a translated screenplay; for instance a video, introducing members of a healthcare program? Or a localized e-learning scenario that has to be re-written from the beginning? While a green-screen reshoot would imply transcreation, it isn’t the case if the actual language video’s script is translated.

You can call a re-shoot a transcreation if you rewrite the scripts for a distinct geographical audience. It generally includes changes to blocking, setting, interactions, and dialogue. This rewriting, not the quantity of production that follows, determines whether or not you have transcreated the content.

Uses of Transcreation in Different Types of Video Content:

It’s mostly marketing content that benefits from a hyper-local strategy: TV spots, radio ads, internet videos, pre-roll, social media, and websites. Cultural distinctiveness is essential for emotionally engaging the viewers, which is the goal of any excellent commercial. Moreover, this localization extends far beyond linguistics and culture. In the United States alone, we find spots aimed primarily at tiny demographic groupings, cities, and even neighborhoods.

Transcreation also helps in developing e-learning content for diverse areas, particularly for e-learning scenarios. You will come across brief situations that demonstrate a concept or emphasize an issue that the course intends to address. Transcreating these movies – which usually entails re-shooting rather than lip-sync dubbing or dialogue replacements – boosts learner engagement significantly, particularly in courses about corporate relationships, soft skills, or local laws and customs.

Rewrites and reshoots are the only way to catch small changes like how far away speakers stand from each other, where they interact, how often they gaze at each other, and what they generally do with their hands and fingers.

Before Going Forward With Transcreation For Your Videos:

In a nutshell, transcreation isn’t always the ideal choice for a video, and this isn’t just due to cost. It’s great for marketing content, but it’s less useful for other types of content. If you’re starting a video project that could benefit from transcreation, make sure to look into all the alternatives as well as the best translation agencies before making a decision.

And, more crucially, consider it early in the content generation process. Include your in-country stakeholders, who may have some excellent and innovative ideas for transcreating for local markets. Ensure that minor adjustments made during the filming of a video might have a big impact on overall video localization costs. Planning for transcreation, including translation and localization, can help you save money and time while producing higher-quality output.

So, what do you think of transcreation now? Do you want your videos and content to have a higher impact on your target audience? Want to reach a wider audience and offer the same impact as that of the original script? Get in touch with Audio Bridge today, one of the best transcreation and creative translation companies in the world.

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We make this belief a reality by putting clients first, leading with exceptional ideas, doing the right thing, and giving back.

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