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In India, 90% of people may not know how to use your mobile app!

Mobile apps have become a common thing now-a-days in India. Still, after reaching a certain point, the rise of mobile apps seems to be a little sluggish. Specifically, one of the main reasons for this is that most mobile apps’ designs are in alignment with the urban population. In fact, mobile apps developed currently are being designed with them in mind.

India is a land with 22 primary languages written in 13 different scripts and approximately only 10% of English speaking people. Despite this fact, the language of most of the mobile apps produced in the country is English. Therefore, even as the internet makes its way into the hands of the rural population, they continue to be denied access to some of the same services as their urban counterparts.

How can mobile apps find a solution for this disparity in app usage? – Mobile app localization and multilingual mobile app is the answer! It takes more than just making your mobile app available in different locations to localise it, and merely language translation isn’t enough. To fully grasp the possibilities of a broad audience, you must take into account the nuances of different cultures. Indeed, to appraise numerous aspects that can make things work; it will take true knowledge from a translation agency.

Importance of Mobile App Localization

The appeal and familiarity of mobile applications in terms of language is paramount for its success. Moreover, it provides an edge in this cut-throat competitive world. What features of a mobile app do we find most compelling? The workflows, of course, must make sense, be seamless, and resonate. The app language, cultural clues and graphics must be able to address our current needs or wants. Therefore, an app is profitable if it can attract a user by presenting a compelling value proposition. It should, in fact, provide a positive user experience and involve them sufficiently to keep them coming back. Incorporating mobile app localization into your plan is not only necessary, but it’s a must if you want to create an app with a mass appeal. Certainly, seeking the assistance of a reputable and best translation company can make this work more straightforward and doable. Furthermore, the scalability that they provide is noteworthy.

Extended Reach & Visibility – More People will Connect & Involve
Increase the exposure of your app in the app store by properly using app localization tactics. To improve your app’s exposure in the app store, you must implement an app store optimization plan from the outset. App localization includes multiple dimensions. These covers title, graphics, descriptions, and much more.  As a result, you will receive downloads from a diverse variety of India’s geographical areas. Make sure your app has the proper number of keywords without jamming them in. Language translation services that specialise in mobile app development and localization are a more practical way to accomplish this. They are well-versed in all of the variables that go into the entire mobile app localization cycle.

Localize Mobile App’s User Experience
Localization and user experience work parallelly. If your mobile app isn’t optimised for your target market’s language, they won’t even open it, let alone use it. Certainly, localization is the process of customising and adapting every aspect of a mobile app to a different territory or culture. Therefore, a properly localised mobile app should appear as though it was built and created for consumers, regardless of their native lingo. Users should feel as if your mobile app solution was created specifically for them. A competent and best translation agency is very much capable of delivering the desired mobile app localization outcomes as per the industry standards. Furthermore, they are aware of the most recent developments and trends in localization. Henceforth, they work accordingly using the latest AI and data analytics tools to deliver the best results.

Localization Utilizes not Just the Language, but the Locale
Considering language is a smart beginning move for mobile app localization. However, when you scale up, the importance of being locale in this approach increases. Efficient localization and translation agencies comprehensively utilize and incorporate the locale elements during the localization process. Henceforth, the users instantly are able to understand what the app is all about. Importantly, everything in the mobile app seems familiar to them. Certainly, all of this reflects in the mobile app’s overall performance and business revenue.

Why Mobile App Localization?

In many circumstances, simply making your mobile app in English will be adequate to garner exposure from a large audience. However, you won’t be able to get into India’s potentially massive markets, which are largely non-English speaking. Localization for mobile apps allows you to tailor your app to diverse demographics, enticing new users. In fact, it sets up new opportunities for your business that you were previously unaware of. Not applying language translation services for mobile app localization confines your app’s scope. Mobile app localization supports your efforts in connecting with India’s non-English speaking masses.

Localization of User Experience Features
Users will not get a positive experience from any app if they find text fonts, colors and other elements in the app not familiar to their culture and language. Markedly, mobile app localization comes into the picture here. Content is abundant in apps. It’s how people use apps, how they first recognise symbols or characters, and, of course, how they connect. That’s why the localization of font styles and color selection is so important for a great user experience. Users must be able to swiftly and effortlessly recognise and comprehend text across all screen sizes and resolutions. When it comes to mobile app localization, you’ll want to pick a typeface that can handle many languages, not just with different letters but also with different spacing needs. More downloads will result from a great app store optimization and mobile app localization plan, as your app will be visible to different people from different parts of the country. Even if you’re on a shoestring budget, some basic mobile app localization is a must-have. This will almost certainly put your app in front of the right people. And, if you want to attract positive reviews and improve your rating, accurate and careful app localization to verify your app is a key requirement. This in turn will minimise the chances of your mobile app getting into the trash box.


Certainly, investment in mobile app localization will generate a high return on investment. Indeed, your brand will go on to build brand reputation and earn credibility. More users will download your app if you provide a personalised experience to each target market segment. The downloads are sure to skyrocket the sales with a localized app framework. Take advantage of skilled mobile app localization services to customise your app and get a quick growth in value.

With time, as your app grows, the need for app localization also increases. Therefore, working with a full-fledged mobile app localization and translation agency will make the changes continuously. In fact, they will work simultaneously with the mobile app development and localization processes. Doing so will keep your mobile app updated and relevant. Thereupon, the app will be able to cater to new and diverse linguistic demands arising from evolving Indian demographics.

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about us

We make this belief a reality by putting clients first, leading with exceptional ideas, doing the right thing, and giving back.

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