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The world of technology is dynamic and ever-changing.

The technology-driven world that we live in keeps bombarding us with audio-visual imagery every second of the day. Multimedia has become de rigueur in our lives with digital platforms penetrating the lives of urban and rural milieu alike, across the planet. Our lives are increasingly being lived on smartphones and being operated via artificial intelligence.

Anything less than a dynamic, interactive approach in non-interpersonal communication is a wasteful initiative in today’s scenario. Multimedia – texts, images, audio clips, videos, animations, interactive graphics – appeals the most to an audience’s sensory faculties and is a significant tool to sell information, entertainment, and even infotainment. To enhance this lifestyle experience in a sophisticated manner, Audio Bridge offers an exhaustive list of multimedia services like voice-over recording, audio editing, subtitling and dubbing that cater to varying tastes of interest.

eLearning Localization Services by Audio Bridge

From documentaries to motion pictures, from podcasts to animation films, from fictional shows to digital content, Audio Bridge caters to each and every requirement of its clients. We stay updated with the latest software and equipment in our kitty so as to offer premium services to our premium clients that too at cost-effective rates. Subscribing to our end-to-end media services enables them to further discounts.


Dubbing is an art of weaving the minutest of emotions in a given audio with the indigenous ethos of the native target language.

Far from being a mechanical process, it is a sophisticated affair that demands the confluence of thorough linguistic prowess and efficient technical backing. At Audio Bridge, we marry these two to offer our clients a complete package of quality and efficiency. Our professional voice over and dubbing artists are proficient native speakers with excellent grasp on all the mediums of linguistics, be it writing, speaking, listening or comprehending.

Our voice over artists’ prowess is an asset to us that enables us to fulfill the exhaustive demands that come our way, in a highly proficient manner.

Moreover, we at Audio Bridge follow an internal checklist of guidelines to maintain our quality standards with regard to voice-over and dubbing assignments. Our recording and monitoring equipment are up-to-date; our pre-mix and final mix procedures, and our effect templates are in line with the global industry.


Audio editing or audio post-production is the process of sprucing up the raw audio file by chopping off the superfluous stuff while embellishing the file with optimum effects.

Basic sound cleaning and audio rearrangement helps you reach out to your target audience in a much appreciable manner. At Audio Bridge, our highly skilled team of diligent audio editors processes the content through a meticulous procedure of methodical quality check to provide you with a clean, enhanced and rejuvenated sound file.

We increase the comprehension quality of the audio by reducing superfluous sounds and white noise, level out the vocals and reduce phonetical slip-ups, apply optimum effects and polish the file to deliver it in an acceptable format.

Audio Bridge is a leading service provider with more than 7+ years’ of domain experience. The company offers affordable premium quality, audio post-production services to a global audience in major Indian and international languages.


Captioning and subtitling have taken the experience of watching global cinema, programs, shows and other content at an altogether new level. With the number of global digital platforms increasing at every nook and cranny of the world, that too with ease of accessibility, the pleasure of experiencing quality content without any language barrier has enhanced too.

At Audio Bridge, we offer quality subtitling services at the most competent rates in the industry. We accept the source content in any file format and deliver in whichever format the output is required, such as:

  • TTML
  • SMI
  • SRT
  • STL

…and so on.

We offer subtitling in 50+ Indian and international languages.

Our voice over artists’ prowess is an asset to us that enables us to fulfil the exhaustive demands that come our way, in a highly proficient manner.

Our delivery speed is one of our most accomplished features. Our in-house quality analysts ensure 100% perfectly turned out deliverables, extreme urgency notwithstanding.

Our years of experience and expertise in this field have imbued us with a knack of understanding the clients’ requirements with minimal brief/ inputs from their end. We package the deliverables with the most optimum features to present our clients with an error-free and cost-effective experience.

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“I worked with Audio Bridge on a couple of Indian languages. They are great guys to work with, very responsive and patient.” Jeanette Zhou (Williams Lea Tag Worldwide)

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