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Transcreation vs. Translation: Which is Right for Your Content

Translation Vs Transcreation

Contents today are not just limited to putting the words together and presenting them in a certain way for any purpose. Rather contents now are categorized into different types, serving varied purposes, and working for diverse fields. Unlike earlier times, contents are not limited today to talk about any specific thing in general, instead, it holds a bigger motive today, and plays crucial roles in any area of work and business, be it media agencies or advertising campaigns.

From crafting compelling marketing copies to writing catchy slogans, or making multilingual scripts for any film or video, language service options like Localization, Transcreation, and Translation, among others have come into the limelight today. However, preferring the right one for your content is paramount to making it worthwhile, and carrying the main purpose behind it. Moreover, choosing the right type of service for your content could change the entire game, and here it requires a lot of attention, especially if you are working in a creative field, and want your content to meet global expectations. Well! Do not panic, thinking about the complexities, differences, budgets, and liabilities of each of them, and which one should you choose for your content type.

Let’s get rid of the confusion and learn about Transcreation and Translation in detail to make the right choice for your content.

Understanding The Terms In Detail


Transcreation comes from the amalgamation of two words, namely “translation”, and “creation”. In the simplest terms, it is a type of language service that goes beyond just translation. Transcreation means modifying one language into the other while keeping the message, tone, context, and originality of the content intact. While doing so, the motive, and emotions behind the content remains the same, along with its effectiveness on its audience, without them feeling any hindrance. This comes into play especially when you target customers globally, and need to make your content reach multilingual communities. In such cases, the cultural essence, and other preferences of the native places should also be considered and worked on with diligence.


Translation has been the most common, and traditional among the language service options, which refers to converting one language into another straight, without paying much heed to the context, emotions, and the story behind the content. Though it makes any news or copies reach millions in different regions instantly, however, in this, you could not expect that the right expression and story has reached to native audience.

Difference Between Transcreation And Translation

Now that you know about the two language service options that is, Transcreation, and Translation. Let’s focus on these two types and their differences.

  1. Transcreation lies more on a creative side, unlike translation. While transcreation requires giving a clear idea on any topic, irrespective of the language, translation does not focus on explaining the idea, and expression, when converted to other languages, rather it just works on providing technical clarity and accuracy of the language.
  2. In transcreation, one copy of content could not be used for the entire groups, belonging to varied regions. For different groups, new content is made emphasizing that specific area, abiding by their regulations, and maintaining the impact of the message. On the other hand, by translation, you get a complete literal conversion of texts, in which the message might lose its impact when translated into any other language.
  3. Transcreation requires a better understanding of cultural and societal norms while being up-to-date with the trends, laws, and regulations of the targeted area. Translation does not require any of the above-mentioned specifications, all that is required here is being good with linguistics.
Transcreation Or Translation: Important Factors For Choosing The Right Language Service

Transcreation Or Translation: Important Factors For Choosing The Right Language Service For Your Content

  1. Type of Content
    The first and most significant factor in choosing the right language service is to consider the type of content. If it encompasses humor, cultural or societal references, creative script, and advertising taglines, then translating it directly could not be an appropriate choice. Instead, you should prefer transcreation here, which understands all the requirements for such contents, and alters them accordingly as per the region.
  2. Outreach and Engagement
    Again, similar to the previous one, to connect with people culturally, and offer a more effective approach, transcreation is the right one to go for. Through this service, your purpose of connecting better with your target audience gets on point and gives profitable results.
  3. Budgeting
    As you know, unlike Translation which is a traditional form of language services, Transcreation is customizable and requires expertise, and efficient efforts in the same. And, with all these comes more expenses as well. Transcreation which meets all the desired needs for any creative form of writing is costlier than translation, and therefore while choosing the one for your content, you should be careful about the budgeting as well.

What Are The Areas Where Transcreation Could Be Used?

  1. Film or Video scripts
    When talking about scripts to convert into another language, a translation could not be used here. As it will make the script difficult to understand, or maybe offensive in some cases, be it any particular dialogue of the film or any slang used. Therefore, transcreation is preferred for scripting films and videos that do not bring any change in the essence of the idea, making it easily understandable by the locals, globally.
  2. Advertising campaigns
    For any ad agency or marketing industry or while running any advertising campaign, the most crucial thing is to retain the meaning and ensure the exact thought behind it. Therefore, using transcreation in such cases is a must to keep the intent and motto of the brand intact while making it reach its target audience.
  3. Headings, Poetries, Puns
    Since while writing for headings, poetries, and puns, creativity is required and is essential, so to bring out the real expressions and emotions of the content, Transcreation must be used here. As these contents share ideas and stories, translating them word-by-word directly may not bring the authenticity they hold.


By now, you must have understood the difference between these two language service options, and which one to prefer when it comes to choosing the right type of content. In simplest terms, the type of field you want the content for, the purpose behind using it, and most importantly the audience you want to reach out to through it, is what matters when choosing from these two language services- translation or transcreation.

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We make this belief a reality by putting clients first, leading with exceptional ideas, doing the right thing, and giving back.

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