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Game based eLearning marries the instructional aspect of learning content with the playful yet an impactful approach of gaming. This form of eLearning is anchored to the use of goals, targets, badges, leaderboards etc. to enable the learner to have a good grasp over the respective concepts in a fun and immersive way.

There are a number of benefits that can be associated with Game Based eLearning.

  • From the standpoint of an employer, game based eLearning promises increased engagement because of the fun element attributed to it.

Game Based Learning Audio Bridge
  • When seen from the learner’s perspective, this form of eLearning gives a heightened sense of accomplishment and motivation to the learner and consequently enhances the effectiveness of this technique.
  • Game based eLearning allows the learner to experiment and put his understanding to test within a controlled environment and see the results for himself. This is an outstanding motivational factor for the employee.
  • People often get drawn to attractive narratives and stories in comparison to plainly stated facts. Game based eLearning can be an impactful way to engage new employees in order to familiarise them with the organisation.
  • Another noteworthy benefit of game based eLearning is that the games are replayable. This means that the learner can apply his knowledge to a particular scenario to polish his understanding of the concept.
  • Since this form of eLearning utilises gaming simulations that involve problem solving, it automatically encourages the learner to exercise his imagination and think outside the box which can translate to growth and productivity.
  • Feedback is an important aspect of game based eLearning and therefore it enables the employer and employee to take corrective actions in case there is an unwanted meandering in terms of understanding various business concepts by the employees.

Audio bridge has a team of competent professionals who will create engaging and immersive game based eLearning modules to enable your organisation to successfully reach its business objectives.

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