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The Information Technology sector and the information technology enabled sectors or the BPOs are amongst the fastest growing sectors. Both these sectors essentially utilise web enabled services to cater to their respective client organizations.

The burgeoning success of these sectors can be attributed to a rapid digital transformation that has taken the world by a storm. This success has been translated in the form of more opportunities and job openings.

IT (Information Technology)

Having said that, the IT sector is a very vast industry that comprises global operations, therefore, this sector has its own share of unique challenges to tackle.


  • Skill gaps
    Since the IT sector is one of the major fueling forces behind this upward trend in the global economic growth, one cannot shy away from the fact that this sector actually involves managing, training and dealing with multitudes of people. More often than not, there is usually a gap between the knowledge expectations of an employee and the skill set offered by the employee.
  • A rapid rate of technological change
    The IT industry operates in a highly dynamic environment and the rate of change is extremely rampant. If the workforce is not kept abreast with the technical upgrades, their performance and productivity can spiral down.
  • Inability to effectively manage the workload
    IT personnel are usually overworked and are constantly in pursuit of ways to tackle their deliverables in an effective way. This takes a toll on the kind of efforts that should be put in by the organization to train and manage the employees. Furthermore, this particular sector hinges its operations on global operations and therefore managing them all can be an uphill task.
  • High rate of attrition
    Due to increasing digitisation and automation of tasks, there is an increase in the demand for workforce which gives rise to a high attrition rate in the IT sector.

E-Learning can be of great help when it comes to tackling these issues to the best of an organization’s abilities.


  • Independent learning
    E-Learning makes use of digital platforms to deliver content that can be beneficial in training the employees in transferable IT skills. The highlight of this form of training is that the employees can access the web based content anywhere and anytime. This allows them to independently upgrade their skill set.
  • Cost effective training
    E-Learning provides a cost effective method to train a large number of employees and bridge the gap between the expected expertise and the existing knowledge of the workforce. It also enables the organizations especially the BPOs to optimise the cost of training new employees as E-Learning enables them to create scalable and accessible content.
  • Remote approach to learning
    Recent times have evidently proved that one-on-one approach of dealing with things can go for a toss anytime and we need to figure out smart ways to get the work done so that there are no unnecessary business halts. A remote approach to learning, while doing your job is exactly what you need to keep the growth graph soaring high.
  • Efficient evaluation of personnel
    E-Learning makes it easy for the organizations to track the progress of their workforce and measure the kind of information that is being retained by them. This is significantly helpful in managing the workforce.

Audio Bridge specializes in providing customized digital learning solutions for our clients with an aim to positively impact the output of your industry.

Our team of dedicated professionals are well versed in the intricate process of creating, optimizing and delivering the appropriate web content that meets the needs of your organization.

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