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Since the term eLearning – a term coined by Elliot Massie in 1999, the alleged father of eLearning. It is known as eLearning, or online learning or virtual learning. It was an answer to the challenges offered by the globalized scattered teams. eLearning offered a solution to the growing need of skilling people who are geographically at different locations as well as to people whose learning journey stopped due to various factors including time, place or money. It seems to be growing slowly and steady. But Covid-19 pandemic sped it up by 10 folds. The once rising craze has now become a genuine necessity. To be in the market or to have a competitive edge, you need continuous skilling of your employees and that too without hampering the usual business. eLearning provides a holistic solution to all types of learning needs.

The challenges faced by the hospitality industries are unique to this sector. 


  • It is a labour intensive industry The hospitality sector relies greatly on the skill of the manpower to do the due diligence for getting the work done when it comes to licensing, approvals, NOCs etc. Due to this particular factor, integration and coordination of the activities becomes an uphill task.
  • There is a shortage of skilled manpower. Another biggest challenge faced by this industry is a shortage of skilled manpower. In the interiors of India, this is a big problem because it affects the guest or customer satisfaction to a great extent.
  • The guests or customers have high expectations. Usually, whenever someone goes out to indulge in any kind of experience, there is a high degree of expectation on their mind. If the service provider fails to match that expectation, it reflects poorly on the part of the service provider.
  • Infrastructural difficulties. If there is improper synchronisation between the logistics, transportation, currency exchange and other related aspects of a particular industry, then the whole experience can become a very sour one.
  • High attrition rate. In the hospitality sector, there is a high attrition rate because the employees find it difficult to grow or feel challenged enough in their respective roles. This causes a wastage of time and resource for the employer. eLearning is a great way to tackle these challenges in the best possible way. By adopting web based models for transferring necessary information, a great deal of challenges faced by the hospitality sector can be streamlined.


  • Upskilling

    eLearning can be a great way to enable the employees working in the hospitality sector to hone their skills in order to serve the customers in the best possible way, that too without compromising their work hours.

  • Optimum integration of activities
    eLearning can enable various fields of this sector to integrate their operations effectively in order to maximise customer satisfaction.
  • Getting to know the customer expectation
    Through eLearning modules and feedback model, the hospitality sector industries can efficiently bridge the gap between guest expectation and the quality of service rendered.
  • Efficiently managing the workforce
    The employee attrition rate in this sector is very high. By deploying various modes of web based learning and through timely evaluation, the employees can access the necessary opportunities when need arises, to polish their knowledge and indulge in professional skill growth.
  • Simulation
    eLearning through simulations is very important for the hospitality sector because it enables the employees to be able to efficiently manage the guests to enhance their experience of using a respective service.

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