Audio Bridge offers its clients multi-faceted, cost-effective, and dedicated services, scope, and complexity of the project notwithstanding.



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Audio Bridge not only helps its client create end-to-end solutions but also provides customized stand-alone services that include converting Flash to HTML, classroom training to eLearning manuals, and old material to new content.

We are specialized in creating any type of content, be it text, animation, video, or gamification, with utmost creativity and innovation.

Additionally, we are experts in localizing your eLearning content to almost any language.

A brief about these services is as follows:

Conversion of Flash to HTML

Our team of experts will convert your Flash-based course to HTML5 (the latest version of HTML), equipped with various features to make the appearance of eLearning webpages appealing. The benefits of Flash to HTML5 conversion include better user interaction, support for interactive multimedia, offline browsing, and SEO-friendly content.

Conversion of classroom training to eLearning

We convert the text files like PDF and PPT to interactive HTML5-based eLearning courseware.
Conversion of old material to new content: We even convert the legacy files without any source file into HTML5-based eLearning courseware

Content Creation

We can develop, create and help you publish all sorts of content, from text to videos to animations and interactive content. Our team of expert content writers has an experience of more than 75 person-years in writing and developing creative and innovative content.

Translation and Localization being our forte, we can localize your eLearning content in almost any language.

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“My experience of working with your company is absolutely positive. You are responsive, open to a dialogue and quality-oriented. All these qualities are critical in business, especially when working on such a challenging project.” Roman Kvetka (Welocalize)

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