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With an increased usage of mobile learning and other kinds of micro learning methods, the use of videos to create interactive and impactful learning content. The most significant aspect of video based eLearning is that they facilitate a wholesome learning experience through the use of interactive videos. The most interesting aspect of video based learning is that you can integrate graphics, text, animation etc to bring forth a multi sensory experience that facilitates effective learning.

In this dynamic business environment, it becomes imperative to figure out novel and engaging ways to captivate the minds and harness the learning abilities of the employees.

In the current business scenario, video based eLearning has many benefits like :

  • Video based eLearning can be much more than just passive learning because it utilisez interactive content to create an engaging learning experience for the employee. By careful integration of various elements in the video based eLearning content, a categorically immersive and impactful learning strategy can be created for the employees.
  • Another evident benefit of this particular form of eLearning is that you can actually provide expert-led videos to your employees so that they can grasp a better understanding of their respective topic. In addition to expert-led videos, you can also make use of animated videos to articulate complex topics in an interesting and gripping way.
  • Video based eLearning can be used to address various corporate training needs as it can buses used to give out formal training, performance support information and various other things. As a matter of fact, video based eLearning is a highly efficient way to implement micro learning strategies as well.
  • Given the evolving nature of the work environment, the organisations need to factor in the learning nature of the employee which is inclining more towards desktop learning and mobile learning. Video based eLearning formats can be easily accessible on devices apart from the desktop and therefore this kind of eLearning is highly accessible.

Audio bridge enables your organisation to come up with engaging and versatile video based eLearning formats to facilitate maximum impact of training. We utilize interactive strategies to create highly immersive training experiences for the learner.

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