Audio Bridge offers its clients multi-faceted, cost-effective, and dedicated services, scope, and complexity of the project notwithstanding.



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Features that will make your workflow much easier. Audio Bridge Localization for small, medium, and large teams.

Best-in-class CLI developer

We understand that you probably don’t want to waste time building automation scripts. Using our command-line interface, you may change localization files with a single line from your terminal. Add our CLI into your build process to ensure you have the most up-to-date translations in each and every build.

Machine Automated Translations

Use Google’s latest neural network technology to quickly and easily translate your projects. This is an excellent place to start when it comes to translating your projects, and it’s best for simple content. Google Translate is the most widely used machine translation service, and it supports a wide range of languages and translations.

Translation History

Examine how translations have evolved over time. It can be used as a versioning system or simply to keep track of contributions and modifications. If necessary, revert to prior versions with a single click.

Easy-to-use REST API

Leverage our REST API for more advanced use cases. So, add projects, languages, keys, and translations to your projects. Also, you can get localization files for a certain platform straight from your projects.
No need to Translate The Same String Several Times

Translate once and reuse that translation across all of your projects with the Translation Memory function. Thus, with simplicity, collaborate with your team and translators.

Take Localization Collaboration to the Next Level

Organize and maintain a clear picture of each team member’s contributions to linked projects and languages.

Quicker Delivery to Users

Besides the other technologies that we offer to aid in the automation of the localization process, each team member will be able to focus more on their task and avoid excessive work that is unrelated to them. As a result, the pace with which your job is completed will greatly rise.

Simple Documentation

We understand how inconvenient it is to have difficult-to-understand documentation, which is why we attempt to create documents that are easy to comprehend and follow, allowing you to seamlessly integrate.

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