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Audio Bridge’s MTPE Focuses On:

  • Hyphenation, punctuation, spelling, semantic, syntactic and grammatical mistakes.
  • We achieve the maximum level of accuracy in translating important terminology. At the same time we ensure that you design the untranslated terms in the same manner.
  • Moreover, we make sure that no data has been attached or excluded inadvertently.
  • We correct any offensive or culturally insensitive beliefs.
  • Also, we use as much of the raw MT production as possible without compromising on quality.

Machine Translation Post Editing can be divided into two categories. And, these are the services that we provide at Audio Bridge:

Light post-editing:

It is a type of MTPE that involves minimal post-editor interaction. Further, it includes a general review of the translated text to look for major errors and incomprehensible lines.

  • Editors in this category do not make significant stylistic modifications to the machine-translated content. For instance, they just examine it for grammatical and other linguistic errors.
  • Secondly, light post-editing translation saves time and effort.
  • Thirdly, when this type of translation is requested, the client normally expects to use the translated content exclusively for inbound purposes, or when the translation is required quickly or when the content is brief.

Full post-editing: 

It entails a higher level of interaction. Also, it occurs after the machine translation to assure the highest possible quality.
  • Full post-production editing entails making drastic adjustments and extensive edits.
  • It takes longer but offers the best and the most precise localization service. Likewise, it focuses more on the machine translated text. In addition, it pays attention to subtleties such as nuances of speech, idioms, and other figurative languages.
  • The goal for this translation service is that the end result will be high-quality content that can be utilized for assimilation and even diffusion, both inbound and outbound.

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