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Micro learning facilitates the breakdown of a complex topic into small yet impactful videos that can be accessed by the learner at any given point of time. It is a super engaging process to impart useful training information in an immersive and effective way. It works best for an employee on the go.

Micro learning finds special significance in corporate culture  because it aids upskilling without making the employees compromise on their work hours.

Micro Learning Services

A number of benefits can be attributed to micro learning and some of those benefits are as follows

  • Micro learning pivots around the idea of a self driven learning approach, where the employee can access information at his discretion. This imparts a lot of convenience to the employer and the employee.
  • Since micro-learning videos can be accessed by the employee at any given point of time, it makes it possible for the employee to learn about the topics that will directly help him in enhancing his productivity. Furthermore, this kind of training doesn’t require the employer to incur huge expenditures in terms of infrastructure and missing employee work hours. Since the employee can access the learning content anywhere, he is able to exercise a greater control over the learning process and that translates nicely in his productivity and quality of his deliverables.
  • Although the long form method of information dissipation can incorporate a lot of information, the stand-alone learning units of micro learning are more impactful and facilitate better information retention in employees. This is because micro learning hinges to the idea of quality information retention instead of quantitative benchmarks.
  • Micro learning videos are short and this short form content can be easily updated when the time comes to incorporate any change that the employer might deem fit.
  • In addition to that, micro learning content is usually compatible with devices other than the desktop PC. This means that the employee can assess the information on his mobile phone as well and this can significantly enhance the impact of the entire learning module.
  • Since micro learning focuses on narrow topics instead, it becomes easier for the employee to imbibe necessary information and in case Eid any doubt, the learner can always oscillate between different videos to facilitate ease of learning and understanding.

Audio bridge has a team of dedicated and competent professionals who will devise the most effective micro learning strategies that will work in synergy with the overall learning management system of your organisation to produce noteworthy results.

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